La Paz University Hospital
Madrid, Spain

Christina Psomas, co-présidente du Congrès ISHEID

Christina PSOMAS

Institut de Génétique Humaine, CNRS – Université de Montpellier
Montpellier, France

Bone diseases

Patrcik Mallon, chercheur en maladies infectieuses

Patrick MALLON

UCD School of Medicine
Dublin, Ireland

Dealing with multimorbidities in HIV


Institute for global health and Development
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The implementation of effective combination antiretroviral therapy has greatly improved the life expectancy of people living with HIV (PLWH), and as a result the population of PLWH is increasingly ageing. Not surprisingly, the incidence and prevalence of non-communicable co- and multi-morbidity traditionally associated with ageing are increasing, and possibly even at higher rates than observed in the general population. In this talk, Rosan van Zoest will discuss the comorbidity risk in the context of HIV, the diverse traditional and HIV-associated contributing risk factors, and the emerging health care challenges concerning co- and multi-morbidity in PLWH.

HIV and lungs at the time of effective art

Jean-Pierre ROUTY

McGill University
Montreal, Canada

People living with HIV and receiving ART are living longer and experiencing reduced AIDS-related events. However, increases in non-AIDS related diseases, such as certain cancers, have accompanied these therapeutic advances. Modified microbiota combined with immunosuppression increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers’ population.

Prevention and treatment remain a challenge due to life style issues, including marijuana consumption and potential interactions between ART and anticancer therapies or comorbidities.

Lung cancers show higher PD-L1 levels with increased immune infiltration, supporting participation in clinical trials assessing immune checkpoint inhibitors. Furthermore, these new therapies with checkpoint inhibitors may also contribute to reduce HIV reservoir, leading the way to HIV eradication.

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