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Barcelona, Spain

Doctor Beatriz Mothe works at IrsiCaixa since 2007 after her medical training on internal medicine and infectious diseases. She did her PhD under the tuition of Docotr Brander and Doctor Clotet on the study of immunological, virological and genetic mechanisms that determine control of HIV infection and that could be incorporated into the rational design of novel therapeutic vaccine candidates (2012 Catalan Award for best thesis in Infectious Diseases).

She has actively participated in the pre-clinical testing of a novel HIV T-cell immunogen (named HTI) that has been designed to redirect CTL responses towards protective and conserved HIV targets able to control viral replication. After research stays at Ragon Institute in Boston (former PARC) , NCI-Frederick and a postdoctoral research fellowship, she holds at the present time a position as an associate investigator at the Host Genetics and Cellular Immunity Group led by Doctor Brander. She also keeps a part-time activity in the HIV unit of the Hospital Universitari Germans Trias I Pujol as a physician where she focus her activity on the identification and monitoring of acute/recent HIV infection and HIV controllers as models for a functional cure.

As a clinical researcher, she coordinates the development of clinical trials and their immunomonitoring in the areas of therapeutic vaccines and eradication strategies, reflecting her translational profile. She co-directs along with Doctor Brander a doctoral thesis in Advanced Immunology (UAB) and is an associate professor in the Department of AIDS and Associated Diseases at the University of Vic and Central Catalonia (UVic-UCC) since 2014.

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