Bordeaux – FRANCE

Doctor Rodolphe THIÉBAUT has been trained as a medical doctor specialized in Public Health. He did a PhD in Biostatistics at Bordeaux University in France. He started his research carrier at the Inserm as a researcher in 2002 and research director between 2010 and 2013. He was research fellow in the Immuniology division of the Institute of Child Health in 2007. He is now deputy head of the INSERM U1219 research centre and professor in Public Health / Biostatistics at the University of Bordeaux.  He is co-coordinator of the Epidemiology specialty for the second year of the Master at ISPED (Institut de Santé Publique d’Epidémiologie et de Développement). He is leading a research group (SISTM-Statistics in Systems Biology and Translational Medicine) devoted to the design and analysis of clinical trials mainly in HIV immunology through the French Vaccine Research Institute. This group, which is embedded in the Inserm U1219 research centre, has been recognized as an INRIA project team since January 2015.  Its translational research starts with immunological questions and end with the development of statistical methods for the collection and analysis of high-dimensional datasets generated in this domain. He is also leading the “Biostatistics/Bioinformatics” division of the Vaccine Research Institute and is in charge of the clinical trial unit of the Bordeaux University Hospital. He works on international research projects such as EBOVAC2 project (IMI2 – Ebola vaccine) as Coordinator. In parallel with research, Rodolphe Thiébaut is Professor of Public Health / Biostatistics at the University of Bordeaux. He is co-coordinator of the epidemiology specialty of the Master’s degree at ISPED (Institute of Public Health Epidemiology and Development).

Since this year, Rodolphe Thiébaut has been appointed to the Scientific Council of Inserm and as such, he contributes to the policy of the Institute and the development of medical research and life sciences and health.

Rodolphe Thiebaut is the author/co-author of more than 160 publications in peer-reviewed journals including New England Journal, Lancet, AIDS, Journal of Immunology, Biometrucs, Statistics in Medicine, Plos Computational Biology.

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