Christian PERRONNE

Raymond-Poincaré Hospital
Montpellier, France

Christian Perronne is the Head of the Infectiology Department at the University Hospital Raymond Poincaré (Garches, France) and co-head of the classes on tropical and infectious diseases for the Versailles-Saint-Quentin University.

Expert in tropical and infectious diseases, he is a member of the University National Council (CNU) in which he chairs the Tropical and Infectious Diseases subsection. He also works on these topics within several institutions such as the University College of tropical and infectious diseases. At an international level, Christian Perronne has been the vice-president of a working group on vaccination policy within Europe for the World Health Organization (WHO), since 2009. His research studies have been published in many international journals.

In 2010, he co-created the French Infectiology Federation that he chairs now.

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