CEEZAD (Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases)
Manhattan, USA

Doctor. J-P. GONZALEZ is an experienced leader in the fields of medical virology & public health, with a unique expertise on Global Health. For years he led international teams of researchers focusing tropical disease emergence in developing countries. He has a never-ending oversea carrier starting in Amazonian Guyana, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

He developed several laboratories of virology, diagnostic & research (BSL3 & 4) in developing countries including Central African Republic (Bangui Pasteur Institute), Gabon (International Center for Medical Research of Franceville, CIRMF), Senegal (Dakar Pasteur Institute), Thailand (Mahidol Univ., MU; Faculty of Science & Center for Vaccine Development) among others. As Visiting Professor at MU. he co-funded the Research Center for Emerging Viral Diseases (Institute of Molecular Biology) and Center of Emerging vector borne diseases (Vector & vector borne diseases Dept., Fac.of Sci.).

Formerly as Research Professor at the French Institut of Research for Development (IRD, Marseille), he held positions as: Guest Researcher at the CDC (Atlanta SPB & Fort Collins), Visiting Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Medicine, Branch Chief of virology of International Network of Pasteur Institute, INPI. He led research teams of, IRD, INPI and partner country institutes (e.g. Brazil, CAR, Gabon, Cameroon, Laos, Senegal, Thailand, Uganda,Ukraine, Sierra Leone, etc.). His main research encompasses virus ecology, disease emergence, pathology interactions (i.e. Pathocenosis), biosecurity. He is now Deputy Director at the DHS – Center of Excellence for Emerging & Zoonotic Animal Diseases (Kansas SU).

He authorship more than 300 per reviewed scientific publications, books and chapters. He graduated from Bordeaux Medical School, France (1974), completed his internship in Amazonian French Guiana (Tropical Diseases), and received his PhD in virology, Clermont-Ferrand Univ. France (1984).

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