Hospital Carlos III
Madrid, Spain

Vicente Soriano received his medical degree at Barcelona Autonomous University in Spain, when subsequently he did his specialty in Internal Medicine. After a post-doc stage at the FDA (Bethesda, MD, USA), he returned to Spain and joined the Department of Infectious Diseases at Hospital Carlos III in Madrid, where since 1999 he was the Assistant Director. He recently moved to La Paz University Hospital, where he is leading a research group on viral diseases and tropical medicine.

His expertise has mainly focused on HIV and viral hepatitis. He is the Editor-in-Chief of AIDS Reviews, an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to retroviruses (impact factor 4.1). His team has produced more than 900 publications in international journals and currently is ranked within the first three worldwide in terms of impact factor in scientific publications in the HIV field ( He is assisting the National AIDS Programme in Spain and is the editor of Manual del SIDA, a reference textbook of HIV/AIDS for Spanish-speaking countries. He chaired the International Hepatitis & HIV Coinfection Panel. He is member of several scientific societies devoted to infectious diseases and hepatitis, including EASL, IAS and AASLD. He has given more than 600 lectures on HIV, hepatitis and other infectious illnesses. Finally, he is an international consultant for WHO on HIV and viral hepatitis.