ISHEID18_5_Alain lafeuillade


Former Head of Infectious Diseases Department at Toulon Hospital, France

Alain Lafeuillade has chaired ISHEID since 1992. He graduated in internal medicine in 1991, at Aix-Marseille University. Doctor Lafeuillade was the head of the Infectiology and Travel Advice department at Toulon Hospital from 2000 to 2019. He created this department in 1992. He was in charge of about 900 PLHIV and 300 patients living with hepatitis. He was also Head of Clinical Research at the Hospital.

Since 2011, Doctor Lafeuillade is an assistant Professor at the Human Virology Institute at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (USA). He is also member of the HIV Workshop Persistence organizing committee.

Since June 10, 2020, Doctor Lafeuillade has a private practice at:
Résidence Coupiane Tour 11
Mail Jules Muraire
83160 La Valette du Var

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