Hospital Ramon y Cajal
Madrid – SPAIN

Doctor Serrano’s interest for HIV medicine emerged during his undergraduate studies, as soon as he got in contact with HIV care. After receiving clinical training in Infectious Diseases at Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid and at Hammersmith Hospital in London, he performed his PhD studies at the HIV Unit of Hospital Clínico San Carlos in the field of the clinical consequences of chronic inflammation in HIV.

He has always felt intrigued by the existence of residual immune dysfunction despite effective HIV suppression. To gain insight into this field, he received post-Doctoral training at University of San Francisco, California. Since 2012, he has developped his clinical and research responsabilities at Hospital Ramón y Cajal. He coordinates a multidisciplinary clinic for the integral management of HIV-infected patients aged more than 50 years and he is also involved in the screening and treatment of HPV-related dysplasia.

In recent years, he has become very interested in the role of the interactions between the microbiota and mucosal immunity in the sustainment of chronic inflammation. He is coordinating an international effort to advance the understanding of the functional consequences of the microbiota in HIV disease and the role of therapies aimed at manipulating the microbiome. He is also involved in academic activities at Universidad de Alcalá, in the coordination of the workpackage “Microbiome and Vaccines” of the Spanish AIDS Research Network (RIS) and in the writing committee of the Spanish guidelines for antiretroviral therapy use (GESIDA). He also belongs to the ACTG HIV Microbiome Focus Group and I contribute as a reviewer of scientific articles and in the evaluation of research projects for national and international agencies.

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